u t u s [under things under skins]

video 11 min

conception and realisation : Aline Landreau | september 2009 | project conceived from the costumes students collection in the National Choreographic Center of Angers in the context of Essais program | diffused in situ in the storage room in Abattoirs space in Angers

u t u s intends to immerse the viewer_listener into an empathic experience of movement through different scales of visual and sound textures.
The progress into that arising landscape of costumes generates a process of identification beyond any contextualized history, until allowing a personal, intense and phantasmagorical relation with History.

u t u s was conceived as a part of a research dedicated to absence in 2009. It was created as a counterpoint to a sound installation built for the dance costumes room in the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine, a choreographic center dedicated to creation and a well know dance school in France which received hundreds of famous as well as forgotten dance creators during the past thirty five years.