Aline Landreau joined the Formation d'Artiste Chorégraphique in the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine of Angers directed by Emmanuelle Huynh between 2005 and 2007, after several years following the dance Conservatoire and Philosophy studies in Bordeaux. She participed then in 2009 in the  master program Essais dedicated to emerging choreographers, and graduated from the University Paris 8 - Saint Denis, and developed performative and sound works, bordering visual arts.
Through movement, sound, and scenography proposals, her work plays perception trouble within the formal and symbolic theatrical frame, and with the fiction of an archaïc identity. The last projects such as the sound letters of Correspondances and the edited booklet, The Outline - sound performance created for the Galerie Empreintes in Aydat, Locomotive - collaborative project, and Les Brumes  - first part of a seria about phenomena of apparition and dis-identification, explored the conditions for oneself to build up its own gaze, and therefore to set a singular experience through an active sensitive capture. 

Aline collaborates in parallel as a performer or assistant with choreographers such as Loïc Touzé ( 9 ), Kosei Sakamoto ( Kaibutsu ), Emmanuelle Huynh ( Monster Project / Futago, Cribles ) and Vincent Dupont ( Souffles, L'Étang suspendu, Air ), and co-founded Météores in 2010 - a constellation of emerging choreographers based in Nantes, that aims to activate a supportive working community within the contemporary performing arts scene.  She collaborated also with the austrian visual artist Stefanie Rauch in may 2014 for her project  Gelände in Vienna, and since several years with the photographer Delphine Perrin.

Aline Landreau gives regularly workshops in France and Japan, guided by a continuous interest for somatic technics and favorable frames for improvisation, in various contexts such as schools, hospitals and festivals, particularly the International Dance Workshop Festival - Hot Summer in Kyoto, and Extension Sauvage in Combourg. She also received in 2012 the DanceWeb scolarship of Impulstanz festival.

She currently lives between Nantes and Berlin.